Thursday, August 19, 2010

Before & After

This little 3 drawer dresser was trashed,
like me,
I will explain in a minute!
I had to do quite a bit of repair on this little thing,
but I thought I could rescue it from the dump!
The knobs are big and adorable!
They are stuck on, so I am happy they looked good!
potential for sure!

A little repair, I mean a lot of repair,
I had to remake a drawer!
Some sanding,
a fresh coat of KILZ Groovy Green paint from Walmart,
and stained with my favorite minwax color - Jacobean.


Now back to the trashed part - I crashed on my bike, I mean I tipped over!
I was cruising with my Grand son, Cooper and I tried to turn to quick.
Knocked the breath out of me and hurt a rib or two!
And hurt my pride, my children saw me do it!

Hopefully just bruised, but feels like broken!
Yes, I am trashed!

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