Monday, September 13, 2010

Craft room rug! HELP me - vote for a rug!

My daughter Erin had us over for Sunday dinner and it was very good - Sweet & Sour chicken, Yum!
She has a new home and it is beautiful!
In her great room off the kitchen, she has this rug!
Exploded Floral blue- green rug
It looks so good in her home!
I am wondering if it would be good for my craft room!
I t wouldn't be the first time I copied her.
She has great style!
I have decided, I am not afraid to try anything,
rebuild furniture and paint it,
reupholster chairs etc.
but what I can't do is decide on a color palette!
It is because I don't know who I am!
bold & fun
I Love it all!
what do you think about these rugs from West Elm. . .

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