Friday, November 12, 2010

A new life and a good home for an old shelf!

This old red shelf was just that, an old red shelf!
Absolutely adorable with the bead board and pegs.
It just needed a face lift with some hot pink paint!


yes it is red. . .

 Now it is hot Pink, but still a little too bright!
 So I covered it with Ralph Lauren ebony glaze, and wiped it off with a wet rag.
I Love the glaze, because it is easy to work with.  You can wipe off what you want, and if it doesn't look right, add some more!
 When I say cover it with glaze, this is what I mean - I covered it, and then wiped it off with a wet rag!  Have lot's of rags on hand, because you will use a lot of them!
 The glaze finished it off perfectly!  Otherwise, it looks like a cheapo spray painted shelf!

Here is the best picture I could get, really it is CUTE!

Her new home!

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