Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Spray Paint & Online Bachelor & Bachelorette

The weather here in Utah is frightful.
It is so cold it bites you.

We had one day, when we could go outside and not get frostbitten, and we took advantage of it.
My daughter Morgan had a week off work between Christmas and New Years, and she wanted to get something accomplished.  She wanted to spray paint some balls for a basket.  We all know, it has to be a certain temperature to spray paint.  We turned on the fireplace and warmed the room and the can!  Hoping not to have an explosion.  We layed a canvas outside on the covered porch, and when we thought the can of spray paint was warm enough, she would run out and spray.  It worked.



Real life

Morgan always looks like a rock star. 
She is petite with a rockin body, so you feel like crap next to her.
She dresses like she just walked out of a magazine, so you want to go shopping to update your wardrobe.
She has never had a cavity - not fair
and she has an adorable house
So we love blackmail pictures like this.
and she still looks good
She is holding Cash baby
Yeah Yeah Yeah, your even a good Auntie!
Your basket of balls is cute!

She is single.
know any 30 plus single men. . .
maybe we should do a linky party for her Ha Ha

Her brother needs a wife too,
Linky party for him. . .

Even better, online Bachelor & Bachelorette!

I want some more Grandkids!

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