Friday, March 11, 2011

Missing in Action and a spotlight!

I have been MIA!  You are going to feel Sorry for me, but only for a minute.  My computer had a virus, and so I used my hubby's, gave it a virus too!  It was probably a good thing they were out of commission because I didn't have time to blog, or even check my favorite blogs.  Our sewer pipe backed up. This I hear is a common thing, but it had never happened to us.  We caught it early so there was no damage, just no water for a day and a half.  I never have appreciated the use of a toilet so much as I do now! Thank the heavens for company's like rotor rooter! I Love you! First they tried to snake it, we are so far from the road,  it didn't work. They had to bring in the big guns,a water pressure hose. 
But that is not all - while turning off the water under the house in our crawl space, the pipe coming in was leaking and spraying, waiting to burst!  Thank the heavens for plumbers!  I Love you! I am not finished yet - we were having lots of rain and we could hear Ker plunk, Ker plunk.  Yup the roof was leaking in our newly sheet rocked painted pantry!  Thank the Heavens for roofers! New roof need!  I Love you!  Even though I am grateful for, and love the services provided ~ Boo Hoo ~  I don't love the bill!  Now, I know this all terrible but this is why you are not going to feel sorry for me.  I am crossing off my bucket list something big.  A Mediterranean Cruise! It is a good thing we had been paying on it all year or we wouldn't be going. To tell you the truth, I am nervous to go - with the unrest in Egypt and now the Earthquake in Japan. I feel like I need to pack a bullet proof vest and a  life preserver in case of a Tsunami.

Now to the good stuff -  Before and Afters

I have some very good friends Jennie and Ashley, a mother and daughter duo!  Oh, the stories we have together, but that is for another time!  They are so talented and I want to show you the table and chairs they have redone!  I Love it - so take a look!  If you would like to see more of this talented duo redo's check out their blog.
Jenny and Ashley

Beautiful color

Lot's of Detail


Look at the chair before- I can not believe the work they did!

What a difference!  Good job Jenny and Ashley!  I love every single thing you do!

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