Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hi! This is Melanie's daughter, Paige. My mom is currently on an airplane traveling to Rome where her and my dad will be going on a Mediterranean cruise. What a lucky duck!(My big, strong brother is house sitting so don't get any crazy ideas about egging their house or anything. :) She has a few posts scheduled but I've decided to hijack her blog while she is gone and add a little spice of my own. I hope you (or her, hehe) don't mind! To start off here is a little bit about a new site one of my friends introduced me to... 

You know how you browse websites or blogs and you come across a million things you want to come back to "someday" when you have time to do that project or plan that birthday party or paint that piece of furniture? You email the link to yourself or you save it in your favorites then "someday" comes and that link is nowhere to be found?

Frustrating, right? 

I have one word for you: Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing site where you can store and organize all of those virtual ideas you come across. How it works is as your browsing and you see something you love you simply click "Pin It" on your bookmarks toolbar and it saves a link and a picture on what they call a board. You can categorize the boards however you would like making it easy to store and retrieve those long lost links you've been meaning to go back to.

Have I confused you yet? 

Check out this quick video tutorial and hopefully that will help make it a little more clear.

To get started go to pinterest and sign up and they will send you an invite to your email. It may take a few days but don't fret, it's on it's way! Once you're up and going follow me and Melanie to see what I'm loving . 

Happy Pinning!

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