Saturday, April 2, 2011

Before and After: Turquoise Hutch

Before: sorry about the poor picture quality.
This beauty was in Perfect shape, no repair-except when I took the doors off, I had to fill the holes and sand them-Easy peasy.

Before I could start I had to convince the Grand kids it wasn't a toy!  I let them think it was for a while, they were having so much fun!

This one is for my craft room. 

 I'm kind of like a car mechanic. You know, his car is the last to be repaired because he is working on every one else's?  That's me, it took me for ever to finish this because I was doing everyone else's!

 Oh I can't wait to put all my organized ribbon and fabric and yarn, scissors and paper in here. I might need 3 more of these to fit all my stuff! 

Love, Love, Love and she's all mine!

The chair is ready too. The room is going to be getting an overhaul - new paint etc -
Whew, I'm tired just thinking about it, and extremely anxious and excited!!!! It's been a long time coming.

There she is in all her glory, missing it's glass shelves.

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