Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dumpster Diving and Chicken Wire memo boards

A very popular local photography shop changed  their frames,
and so they dumped the old ones to make room for the new.
The frames were in boxes. Many boxes!  Boxes and Boxes and Boxes. They were in the dumpster and next to the dumpster! We filled the bed of my truck with as many as we
could fit.  We even filled the back seat!


You read that right

of these wood frames!
just for me, not shared.

There was no glass and no backs, so what do you do with them. . .

Here are a few.

We brought out the spray paint

All colors

We bought chicken wire

We made felt flowers and fabric rosettes, and put clothespins on the back

We put cute pictures of the kiddos - the cutest kiddos!

There you go - Chicken Wire Memo boards!

We made 15 of them and sold them at a Boutique.  Only 785 more frames to use!

My hubby wants to have a bonfire to get rid of them.  We could have one big weenie roast!
Your all invited!

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