Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter!

On March 23rd 2011, I am in the Atlanta airport getting ready to board a plane for a Mediterranean Cruise  There has been so much unrest in the Middle East and our Egypt excursion had already been canceled. My daughter calls and said they are worried for our safety.  A bomb had exploded at a Jerusalem Bus stop.   Yes, we were a little nervous. 

  Israeli paramedics and emergency workers rushed to the scene of an explosion outside Jerusalem's central bus station on Wednesday.

While we were in Jerusalem, did we feel safe. .  YES!

My heart was touched when we were at at the wailing wall.  A group of young Jewish boys, had learned their alphabet.  They were having a celebration!

One of them escaped the group and ran to the wall the women and the men are separated where he knew he could find his mom.   He jumped up on the chair and was was yelling for her. He was so excited to show her his certificate. The Moms were all taking pictures of their sons over the wall.  Who does that sound like. . . YOU!

A group of school girls just getting out of school.  They were laughing and singing.

A back pack on this young school boy, working his way through the crowd.

These are the people getting bombed when they get on buses.

Be grateful for your freedom.  We can travel state to state and worship as we please. We can worry about Easter clothes and Easter baskets without the fear of being bombed.


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