Friday, April 29, 2011

House work!

It is mad crazy at my house,
I am loosing my marbles!
and loving it at the same time.

Our roof leaked and we had buckets catching the water.
This is after we had a sheet rocker come in and repair some damage and we painted.
All fixed, we thought until we have had so so much rain here in Utah.
It told us, we needed a new roof!

A water pipe under the house was about ready to break, it was spraying and only did we catch it before it broke, because our sewer backed up and we had rotor rooter come.  Our plumber turned the water off and checked the pipe -whew, diverted a disaster.
so it was fixed.

Our fridge has been fixed once for a leak from the ice maker, yup it is leaking again.
The oven has been fixed once for a burner going out, yup it has gone out again.
And the dishwasher which has been a better than most dishwasher - it got the dishes clean.
stopped working.

So I am working on getting new appliances.  I found our a standard size fridge won't fit
in the hole I have and I have to have my cabinet cut.
kill me

In the middle of this, I have the house tore apart, because I am painting.
The kitchen
The craft room
and you all know previously the entry way.

So the pounding of the nails above,
The noise of the plumber.
no satellite, so no T.V,
missing American Idol, not good!

While all this going on, I am in the house making tissue balls
for a church activity for graduating Senior girls,
and making phone calls in between the pounding, drilling etc.

You know what is fun about all this. . .
The roofer Ben lived  use to live next door - he moved, darn.
We love him and his darling wife and kids
so good to see him!
my son Jake has him on his list of top ten most influential people in his life!
We Love him!

The Plumber is a good friend who lives a block away and use to be in our church ward.
If your not in wards around here, you might as well live on another planet.We never see him and his darling wife and kids any more.

So good to catch up with him.

Feeling my pain Yet. . .

Well, I better show you some before pictures of the kitchen
and all the appliances that don't work!  Ha Ha

 I especially love this picture, cuz I am feeling the Love of a Welcome home surprise from our cruise by our cute daughter Erin and my adorable Grand kids!
The red is gone, and guess what, I am missing it!

The picture wall, gone!

My driveway!  The plumber

Working in here

The roofer and his worker working here


Gotta go see if I can find my marbles!

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