Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Silk rugs from Turkey

                                    I have a thing for rugs!                                       

And the Silk rugs from Turkey are Beautiful!

In Turkey,
a program was established to help impoverished Turkish women and to save the art of rug weaving.

On our Meditterean Cruise, we had an off shore exursion and we
had a demonstration of rug weaving.

Weaving a rug is an art
and Turkey doesn't want to loose this art to
the new way rugs are made by machines.

They teach  the girls and women to weave, so they can do it at home.
It may take 1 - 8 years to weave a rug
depending on the size.

Are they expensive. . .
and they should be.

They grow silk worms and we were able to see how silk is made.

Then they dye the silk with natural dyes.

They follow a pattern and do one row at a time.

Here they are showing some of the rugs completed and that are for sale.
When a rug sells, the girl who makes it receives 93% of the profit!

After our amazing demonstration, we could shop!  I browsed and  dreamed of owning a rug from Turkey and then went outside to look at the beauty of the Country.

While most people were taking pictures of historical ancient sites and ruins. I took my share of these pictures too.  I was taking pictures of the colors of the country.  Loving these blue doors

And Shutters
with the lace peeking through

The beautiful scenery of Turkey, with hubby!

The rugs are beautiful and an investment, they are hand weaved, made of silk, and will never wear out or go out of style.

~So I come home and bought this rug for my kitchen from West Elm~

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