Saturday, May 14, 2011

What I have been doing!

The Garage sale was a

I was dead tired and happy ~mixed emotions~ to sell 95% of the stored furniture!
I loved that furniture and I am so happy it went to a good home!

I met a lot of blogger friends and that was the best part!
Oh, there is so many creative talented women out there!

The cleaning, organizing, purging felt so good that I continued to every closet of my house!
With the help of my daughter Paige.
not done yet!

Paige and her hubby and precious baby Cash have moved in for the summer.
Phil is doing an internship for law school here and we couldn't be happier!

One of the fun things we did this week is go to

It was put on by Studio 5 on KSL t.v. station

 Becky Higgins was an invited guest on the show.  My daughter Morgan lived in Cleveland Ohio by her and they were friends.  Becky gave us VIP tickets and we were so happy she did.  It was so good hearing a panel of women talk about being a Mother!
We also were grateful for the tickets, because the line wrapped around the building and we would never have gotten in! 

Me, Morgan and Paige ~ My other daughter Erin was on a field trip with her son Cooper ~ where she should be, being an involved Mother!

Morgan and Becky

Love her and her talent and her grounded take on life!

We also had to get a picture with the host Brooke, and  her cohost Darren is in the background! 
a funny tidbit, Paige's father-in-law works with Brooke's dad and and at one point in life, the fathers tried to hook up Brooke with Phil!

I am going to be painting furniture, I have an addiction and can't quit, but I am also going to be planting flowers, and having a fun summer with my family!



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