Monday, August 8, 2011


I have a friend who doesn't understand what I do - paint furniture. . .
She thinks it is awesome, but would never ever do it.

Having said that, she has given me, yes given me, some of my favorite pieces of furniture.  Her sweet Mother- in-law passed away and  they waited for awhile and then decided to clean her house out. She called and said come and get it, it is going to the D.I. thrift store.  She felt better about given it to me than just donating it. Bless her heart, I wanted to make her proud.

The China Hutch is so heavy, and I am so happy it was in two pieces.

Before:  love it so much, I want to eat it!

Before: The top, a sneak peak of the cool embellishments.

Oh, the bottom has a cool drawer.

Ready for the top. . .

So I think I died, and went to Heaven with this china Hutch!

I am not sure if you can see this picture very well, but the back of the China Hutch had this gorgeous design.  I would have liked to keep it, but it had too many imperfections, so I kissed it goodbye.

it is heavy, old, well made and sturdy.  It has great bones!

Love it!  It was missing the shelves, but I wasn't too worried.

I went to home depot, they know me by name now, bought a pine board.

Used my saw, my best friend - I love the smell of fresh cut wood, so I could saw all day!

Easy fix!   To finish this Hutch, I cleaned it really good with soap and water.
Brushed it off with a dry paint brush and used a tack cloth to make sure there was no dust! I brushed on KILZ water base primer on part of it, and sprayed primer into the hard to get spots.  I used a sand block to make it smooth and remove over spray and globs I might have  made.  Then I sprayed it with Rust-oleum white semi gloss paint.  I gave it a couple of coats. I used spray paint just to save some time. I then brushed on minwax Poly!

From old to new!

The shelves look good!

The knobs are gorgeous.  I spray primed them and then used a metallic silver spray.


Slightly distressed to perfection

One more look,
can you tell I like this piece. . . .
How cute would it be in a little girls room,
so many possibilities!

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