Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I am a Lucky Girl!

If I was a gambling girl, I would go to Vegas, but I am not, because I don't like to loose my money. I am so lucky!  I walked into the D.I. thrift store and they were unloading a dresser.  Yay, don't bother putting in on the floor, just put it in my truck.  That was my first lucky day.  My hubby and I were coming home from Bear Lake.  We had a fun filled, hard working couple of days - staining a deck. 

One of those things that so badly needed to be done, but we knew it would be a lot of work.

 At his best - His hat and my T-shirt I slept in, he forgot his work shirt!

 We started early, but it didn't take long for the blazing sun to be  roasting us!

My job was the rail.  Tedious Tedious Tedious, but I am enjoy having a paint brush in my hand!

So proud, it looks so good!

If only we had time to sit and enjoy, but next time we will! 

This is what we used!

 Dead tired and anxious to get home, we passed the D.I. and Jay lost control of our truck, it pulled into the parking lot on it's own.  Ha Ha, we decided to make a quick swoop, Oh my, it was my  second lucky day.  Someone had just unloaded a truck of antiques.  Beautiful and still priced too high for this cheap, frugal girl.  I swooned and then found the real treasures!  An antique iron bed, priced at $10.00 and another wood antique bed priced at $15.00.  Now, remember I had a yard sale and cleared out my storage unit. . .  and I am not buying any more furniture.  It was Jay who said - LOAD THE TRUCK!  He has experienced thrift store shopping to know when a treasure is found!


Now for the big decision - Color. . . .  Watermelon or

Natures Heirlooml

or Peacock

551 East Design

Have a good day!

P.S.  It is family picture day at our house, oh if you knew the stress of orchestrating this!

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