Friday, August 26, 2011

Spot Light on Abby! Before and After Dresser!

Meet Abby and her hubby Nate!

When I was a Relief Society Advisor for a Singles Ward, I met a lot of darling, dynamic girls.  I fell in Love with Abby and her sister Ali.  They both played basketball for Weber State University and oh my are they both so stinkin CUTE!  and fun and funny and stylish!  It has been fun to watch both of them fall in Love, get married and both going to have babies! What?  Things are moving fast here.  Both Abby and Ali have tried their hand at painting furniture.  Today I want to show you Abby's latest and greatest REDO!

FREE dresser:  BEFORE

AFTER!!!! doesn't surprise me it is yellow.  Abby had yellow at her wedding reception and Oh so cute!
love it Abby and you too!


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