Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Before and After: 2 Beautiful Things! A boy and a peek at the Armoire!

Let me introduce you to Super Duper!
He is 6 and in first grade.
He is called Justin Beiber and he loves it and hates it at the same time!
He cut the Justin Beiber locks off and Wow
if I was his Mom and Dad, I would lock him up now!
I love painting furniture, but my grand kids are my first Love!

He spent the night with us, and while Grandpa worked in the yard, I painted!
This little guy has some mad photo skills like his Mom.
He took my camera and took some shots,
and I think they are super, kinda like he is!
I feel like with these shots, I got to see through his eyes, and see what he sees,
so refreshing!

I know this is kinda personal especially when this is a DIY blog, and I am  also wee bit nervous and have stranger danger worries when it comes to kids! do I need to be?

O.K. a sneak peek at the beast of an Armoire:

Here she is Before

and here is a sneak peek of what color this Beast is becoming!
Warning, she is turning into a Beauty!

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