Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh how I LOVE thee, let me count the ways! Before and After: Armoire

I am the proud of owner of 5 Armoires now!
Heaven Help me!
This one was $20.00

Here is # 1

We had a great time getting this heavy armoire down some skinny stairs in a condo.  We had to disassemble it a bit to get it down.
Lots of muscles were needed and lots of laughter happened.
better than swearing!

It seems lots of people are dumping their Armoires for cheap.  Don't they know something wonderful can happen with a little bit of imagination and paint? should we tell them?  Or not?

Much better with a new coat of paint!
but the best is yet to come!


My overnight bags, for a fact get away. Instead of getting a ladder and reaching to the top shelf in the storage room!

A basket for my scarfs. If I can see them, I might actually wear them.

A place to put my current read.

A thrifted treasure for my change. There isn't any change, because I used it to go to the pop machine to buy my diet Pepsi!

A shelf for my purses. 

How you liking it so far? I am loving loving it!

This is what it looked like before I started organizing.

A drawer for my sunglasses. I never new were to keep them, where to you keep yours?

My Nook

My flip flops

It slides out for easy access. Impressed yet?

O.K. this is subject to change, but the possiblilies are exciting!
did you hear me squeal?

Paint colors and a tip!
I used Krylon KHAKI spray paint for outside and
Rust-oleum STRAWFLOWER spray paint for the inside.
The tip:

I have a quart of paint made up to match the spray paint.
I use the spray paint to get the hard to reach nooks and crannies, and then for the big stuff, like the sides, I use a High-Density Foam roller.
It saves money.  Let's  face it spray paint can get pricey.
Also,it is hard to spray a very large side or top and have it look good!

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