Sunday, October 2, 2011

Thrifty finds and Halloween Decor!

I dropped off some clothes at the Deseret Industries!
I can not buy any more furniture until I finish what I have.
We cleaned out our storage unit, but I need one again!
Furniture Hoarder!

Halloween is coming up, and Oh I love this Holiday!
Ghost and Goblins,
and Orange and Black!

My $4.00 thrifty finds!

I started with this $1.00 brass pot, looked halloweenie.

Sprayed it glossy black, and went to Hobby Lobby for the 50% off berries.

Stopped at the thrift store on my way home and found this for $1.99!
Turned the car around and went back to Hobby Lobby and bought black candles. 


I have started the decorations, but I think I have enough from past years to finish.  I had better get them out and at least check before I purchase any more!


I saw a friend from High School at the thrift store, she was embarrased and making excuses why she was there - doesn't she know it's not only O.K. to be there, it's COOL!

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