Sunday, June 17, 2012

Turquoise Armoire: Before and After

Let me introduce you to the Beast!
It was so heavy and in such BAD shape.
It did not have a back, it was  warped in many places and needed A LOT of work.

I sanded and repaired and started painting before I took a picture.
This is what you get for the Before:

I was ready to go buy something for the back. As I was pulling out of the driveway I saw this picture sitting by the garbage can.  I had taken it out of a frame, and used the frame to make a chicken wire memo board.  It was perfect for what I needed! Can you see the yellow on the side?  The original owners wanted it yellow.  They found another armoire they liked better and that one I painted  yellow.  It was so stinkin cute with stripes and black knobs.  You will have to take my word on that one - I DID NOT TAKE A PICTURE!

I sanded the picture, then primed it. I then painted it white, then taped it off and painted stripes!
loving stripes!

If you can't tell what this picture is, it the back being painted in stripes. My first attempt and it was easy peasy!

I took several breaks and drank my diet Pepsi, to give me strength to continue!

We hauled it in the house, and stared at if for months before it found a new home. It was so much work and I liked it so much, it needed the perfect home.

It is missing the doors and knobs.  The owners wanted to put the doors on backwards, so they could leave them open and have the cute part of the door show.  You will see why in a minute! They also put their own knobs on.!

Well, it was place in the perfect home with the sweetest owners!

For the locals, It is in the Ogden Newgate mall.
located by Sears.

Like them HERE on Face book

Please go visit the store - Tell them Hi and kiss the Beast for me!
It is so cute. . . . the store and the Armoire!

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