Friday, July 30, 2010

Before & After - So many possibilities!

Remember this laminate dresser, made by Broyhill . . .
It has a hutch!

It's done!

I used my favorite paint,
Ralph Lauren!
One coat and the job is done!
But first I used Oil based primer to adhere to the laminate. . .
It works!

Poly to protect it, always!

I primed with a white instead of the grey,

I wanted to distress it and let a little white show through.
It does, and it looks exactly how I thought it would.

I think it would be great in a bathroom
A place for extra towels,
Some drawers for all the things, we girls need!
this is a three drawer dresser, the second drawer is double,
room for blow dryers, curling irons, straightener etc.

Maybe a kitchen. . .
cook books, I never know where to put them
thrift store treasures, like the pitchers I found for $1.50 each

Drawers for place mats

Or maybe a little girls room!
Oh I think this would be my favorite.

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Jessica said...

Oh Wow! How wonderful, it turned out great. And I really like the bathroom idea.


Erin said...

Oh your were right...this is SO cute! Someone very lucky will end up with this...I wish it were me!!

Paige said...

love this! so many possibilities is right! My favorite is for a little girls room. Someday...