Saturday, July 31, 2010

Four Poster bed!

This bed was a special order for cute Addie!
Her Mom had another baby girl and they needed a big girl bed!
I love the four posters!

Not very often do I see the furniture I paint in peoples homes!
Addie's Mom took a picture for me and I thought I would share with you.

I love the quilt and pillows!

Addie is a lucky little girl!

Thanks Bobbi for the pictures!
I bought a dresser & a hutch from Bobbi to paint!
It was hers from when she was a little girl.
I told her she would be sorry she sold it, when she saw how cute it was going to be!
p.s. Bobbi doesn't look like she had a baby!

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Keely Kellett said...

I have an end table I would love painted, would you consider doing it? If you would email me at I would try and do it, but I have done a couple of things lately and wasn't able to get them very smooth. Anyways, thanks!