Thursday, July 22, 2010


Did you know TJ maxx has knobs . . . cuter than any I have seen!

These 6 were $9.99!
I happened on them, when I was looking for something new & fun for my bathroom.
They are by the shower curtain hooks!

Wow, another reason I love TJ maxx

They have all shapes and colors,

White, Cream, Orange, but my favorite are these turquoise ones!

Now, I am excited to get painting, so I can use my new knobs!


Skifty said...

WOW...great find! And they look just like the Rosey knobs from Anthro! Also, run over and check out my latest blog post...I just gave you an award! Congrats!

John and Aleesa said...

I've been feeling great, thanks! :) Those knobs are darling! I'll have to see if the TJ Maxx up here has anything like that! I've decided to paint our bedroom furniture a creamy white. I want to make it look a little weathered... Would you use a stain or glaze to do that? I'm not sure on all the techniques.

Kara said...

Those are adorable, I need to check out TJ Maxx more often!! I love your new blog. It's great to see what you create and get ideas for my house:)