Sunday, August 8, 2010

She's got style!

This living room belongs to my daughter, Morgan!
She just had a birthday!
The big 30!

Morgan works for an Aerospace Firm - a very demanding, fry brain cells kinda job!
She is good at what she does!
She has an unusual good sense for detail!

While attending college, she worked in a Dr.s office two days a week.
He was out the the office on these two days, but she would go in and answer phones, file and transcribe letters for him.
All medical terms, she was unfamiliar with anything medical.
I worked a couple a hours for her, so she could attend a college class.
I also transcribed these letters, and it was like hearing a foreign language.
I always had an error come back and had to retype the letters.
Morgan ALWAYS had 100 % accuracy!
Ticked me off!

Morgan works to pay the bills,
but her real love is anything
Her minor was in Interior Design!
She has style and knows what she likes.
She bought a brand spanking new house,
and is ready to decorate it if she had time!
Here are a few pictures of her home.

The doors, all through the house - Love!



Entry way

living room


jacuzzi tub

Front door

Front of her house!

Happy Birthday Morgan!

Let's get making pillows and painting furniture!

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