Thursday, August 5, 2010

Before & after Lake Breeze dresser

I have a lot of people ask me how I paint my furniture!
I am no expert. . .
but by trial and error-
meaning ruining a few pieces,
I have learned a few things.
Every piece I paint, I do a little different.
Depending on the look I want or on what kind of wood it is, etc. etc. etc.
I am really conflicted on what style I love,
I love the vintage white &
and the pottery barn stained furniture,
and I like the modern fun bold colors!
This dresser is made of a pine, very light and easy to paint.
I did not prime this piece, because I wanted to distress and let the wood show through.
I used a flat or matte paint, it goes on great, but you have to either put a stain or a poly on it to seal and protect it.
On this one I used a poly!
Want to see it. . .
My new favorite!Before
You can see the sun coming up, I paint early in the morning before it is so blasted hot!

I had already tested the paint on a drawer, and then I remembered the before picture!
A few knobs were missing!

I take the hardware off first and put in a baggie .
I always put a note in the baggie, identifying what piece of furniture it belongs to.
I forget!

This dresser needed a little repair, to make it strong and functional.

There is nothing worse, than drawers that won't work.

Then a little goo gone!
It works slick as a whistle!
The stickers from the DI thrift shop seem to be very sticky.
Along with other goo, I try not to think what it could be- ugh!
Always some sanding, sometimes with my electric sander, sometimes with this!
Elmer's natural wood filler is used to fill some major holes.
On this piece, I wanted a few dings and dents, so I only repaired the big holes!

I use a dry paint brush to brush it off, and get in the crevices, then a tack cloth to finish it off.
thanks Michelle for that piece of advice!

Now the worst part is over and the fun part begins!
and a diet pepsi!

I rolled this with paint, then I went over with a paint brush.
I lightly distress it.
I always use the fine sand block to lightly go over it after I paint!
It gives it the smooth look your looking for!
Then I apply polyurethane with a sponge brush!

I love the color - Valspar Lake Breeze from Lowe's. I used the knobs I bought from TJ Maxx!
I also bought some wood knobs from Lowe's and painted them the same color, so as not to take away from the rosette knobs!

Then I take an after picture!
As you can tell I am not a photographer, but my daughter Erin is!
I am sure she shutters at my pictures!

One of kind, for sure!
Why would you ever buy a new piece of furniture when you can do this. . . .

I would love to know your tricks, or email me a picture of something you have painted!
Come on family and friends, I know your doing this!
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Restyled Vintage said...

Hi there, great post! I am like you and like the white stuff but also cannot resist some bright colours! I love painting furniture and totally agree, why buy something new when you can achieve such amazing transformations? But then since I sell my furniture I am kind of glad that not everyone can or wants to do it for themselves :)
xx Karen

Keely Kellett said...

The part I have had a hard time with is the poly. I thought you shouldn't mix latex paint and oil-based poly, is that true? Anyways, so I used a Polycrylic over my latex, and it is still slightly tacky. And that was after 2 months! Nice post, thanks!

Chelle said...

Love tack cloths! Picks up so many of those left over pieces of dust and makes the poly go on so much smoother. I actually apply my poly with a bristle brush to eliminate any bubbles that the foam brushes make. I agree with you on the trial and error thing. I've been known to paint a single piece 3 diff times before it finally looks the way I want it. Loving all your stuff and wishing I could find the time to paint the giant stash of "junk" (as joey calls it) that I have in storage!

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

This is so cute, and I love the knobs! I love DI.

~Ali~ said...

I have to tell you how much I absolutely love this always makes me wanna get crafting...painting...whatever!! Everything is always so cute!

Oh, P.S. I'm an old friend of Erins...i miss that girl!!