Friday, September 17, 2010

Mirror Before & After

Something exciting is happening around here!
Stay tuned for more details, but I want you to know I am having FUN!
My latest DIY was this. . . .
Heavy old mirror with the standard creme and gold paint, it must of been the thing - Gold!
You get a peek into the mirror and see where I watched Big Brother!
I really really liked the decor of the Big Brother House!
and I liked Hayden
do you think it will look good with the above rug. . .

and I was making fun of Gold!

I cleaned the mirror, and taped it good.
I then sprayed it with a grey primer,

Then with KRYLON Gloss Bauhaus Gold spray paint and let it dry,

The next step - I brushed on Ralph Lauren Faux Technique glaze - ebony, and wiped it off until I was happy with how it looked.
This is the first time I have used this, and I LIKE it!

Home Depot can mix this for you. It is 3 parts glaze and 1 part paint.

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