Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pretty in Pink Before & After!

This is my new favorite
Ha Ha, how many times have you heard that. . .
I love this style of dresser, with the detail and curvy legs!
I usually paint them vintage white,
but I was wanting to try something new,
and I am happy I did!Oh, I bought this at a garage sale for a whopping $15.00
Highway robbery!
I feel bad, knowing that the people selling it, had no idea I thought I hit the jackpot!
I try to stay calm and jump for joy when I get home!
I spray painted it Ballet Slipper pink,
and sprayed the original knobs white!

I distressed it very little, and left it glossy!

I started to prime this headboard, and then remembered to take a picture!

Yes, I have two before and afters!
A dresser and a bed,
and I love love love them both!!!
PRIMER - Zinsser oil base primer. I bought it at Lowes.
I used oil base because the top of the dresser was Laminate.
It is messy and you need mineral spirits to clean your brush and hands!
If the dresser did not have a laminate top and been solid wood,
I would have used Kilz Latex water base primer.
The clean up is with soap & water.
PAINT - Krylon Gloss spray paint - Ballet Slipper from Walmart
POLYURETHANE- minwax wipe on clear satin
KNOBS -I cleaned them with soap and water, let them dry.
I sprayed them with Kilz oil-base primer, let them dry really good.
Sometimes I rush this part and I have a problem.
I then sprayed them with Valspar White and Voila it's done!
I have only spray painted one other dresser a couple of days ago, for my daughter.
It turned out so cute, I thought I would try another one.
check it out here:
Spray paint is QUICKER than painting with a brush or foam roller,
but more EXPENSIVE!
Hope this helps, any questions. . .
email me!
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