Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My husband, Jay was out of town for work,
and I went shopping!
Or I should say Thrifting!
I am still kinda leery about buying certain things from the Thrift store.
Furniture for sure,
and these,
ice cream cups or fruit cups, whatever you use them for,
I have a weakness for them!Aren't they cute!
I couldn't pass them up,
even though I already previously bought. . .


and these!

Yes, there is some more on the back, I bought from TJ Maxx,
before I became a Thrifter!
I have 3 daughters and I am hoping they think they are cute too and will take some off my hands,
before I am turned into the television show,
Update - I received a really nice email and was told the ice cream cups are
milk white lace edge bowls made by Anchor Hocking Company of Lancaster, Ohio in the late 50's to the early 70's!
Thanks! This is nice to know!
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