Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sofa Table Before & After

                         This sofa table was all the rage a few years ago.  My daughter Erin bought
                          it a a local boutique, and they flew out the door.  Fast forward a few years,
                          and you can't give it away!  Whew, trends come and go! 
                          It still is adorable, but it needs some new paint!

And some sanding

A little bit of filler

very little, because we want the glaze to go into the gouges!

                                                               This little table need to be free of dust, so I could paint it.
                                                             So I used my favorite big brush to clean it off and then used
                                                                a tack cloth to make sure it was clean!  If is isn't clean,
                                                                              the paint can bubble or crackle.
                                                                That has happened to me and it's fixable, but not fun!

                                                            My favorite color right now is Blue Ocean Breeze so that is what I used!
                                                                          I finished it off  with Ralph Lauren ebony glaze.

Isn't she lovely. . .  
This is the best picture I had, so I hope you can tell how darn good it looks!

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