Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pay it Forward! Bench Before and After

I attended Weber State University and received my Mrs. degree!
Yes you heard me right - I am Mrs. Jay Greaves!
I met my hubby while we were both attending Weber State.
He was a studious student, serious about his education and on a scholarship!
I was a sorority girl, having the time of my life!
We fell in Love, were married, and boy were we poor college students!
Thank you, Thank you Weber State for paying for his schooling!
The Scholarship saved us!

Fast Forward,
My daughter Morgan attended Weber State University on a Scholarship.
Currently my son Jake is attending Weber State on a Scholarship!

So when Becky from the Wildcat Club,
who claims to be a blog stalker,
I love it!
Contacted me to see if I would use my talents to paint a couple of benches to be auctioned at
the Cat Bash,
An auction for the student-athlete scholarship fund.
I said Yes!

May I add, I have served as A Relief Society Advisor to a student singles ward at the University.
The ward included some of the Athletes from Weber State.
I fell in LOVE with them!

Well, enough of that - here is one of the Benches!
It was made from a twin bed frame!
I think it is adorable,
and I hope it sells for a lot of money!
It is for a good cause!






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