Thursday, December 30, 2010

Working on. . . . part 1

This Hutch!
I found it on KSL classifieds, 
and it has just been
a New
coat of paint!

It was in fantastic shape!  It just needed a good cleaning with soap and water!  I took off all the knobs and put them in a baggie and marked them - HUTCH!  I am going to take the glass doors off and leave the shelves open!

Next I Primed!  I start with a brush to get the paint into the corners!  This is my favorite brush and it is time to discard~ weep~!  My hubby's parents gave me money for Christmas!  Most girls would buy a new purse or some shoes!  I am buying new painting supplies, and I can't wait!

Then a roller  like this - You have to do a small portion at a time. You don't want the paint  to dry before you go over the paint you put on with the brush.  I do this because the paint brush puts the paint on thicker, and the roller gives it smoother finish!

I also have learned to save a few pennies by using a paper plate!

Here she is, all primed!  I always use a block sander to go over every square inch of a primed piece!
It takes off any dust, or globs!  Everyone always asks how I get such a smooth finish!  This is one of
the reasons!  A must! I always use a dry paint brush after I use the sand block to get the dust out of the crevices and then a tack cloth, to make sure it is good and ready for the next step, the fun part,The Paint!

Masterchem Industries 20002 Fast Dry White Pigmented Primer

The Primer
Kilz 2 Latex water- base

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