Saturday, January 1, 2011

working on. . . part 2 Hutch

Did you know Pantone color of the year for 2010 was Turquoise! 

The color of the year affects all industrys, from fashion, decorating, even your nail polish.


My favorite pieces of furniture I painted this year have been turquoise.

2011 has a new color,
and I think I am in love again!

scroll down to find the 2011 color

Now for the Hutch
Here she is before
cleaning and then a coat of Kilz water base primer.
The fun part - PAINT.  I use the same technique as when I prime.  I clean off the primed piece of any dust, with a dry paint brush, and then a tack cloth.  I use a brush to put the paint on, and then a roller to make it smooth!  Make sure you do a small section at a time!  I count the sides as one section, and the top, I would do half of it - the long way!  Make sense. . .
On this Hutch, I did not paint the inside.  One reason is, it was in such great shape, I left well enough alone! Some pieces need a liitle sanding and primer and paint to make them usable. Not this piece.

Once again, I lightly go over the painted piece with a sand block.  If you want a smooth finish, it's a must.
Then the dry brush to get the dust out of the crevices and a tack cloth
Ready for the next step - Stain!

I used my favorite color
Cozumel  aqua 91402
color place brand from Walmart
Latex flat finish

Color Place is manufactured by Sherwin williams and sold by Walmart as a store brand

Now for Pantone 2011 color of the year:

My daughter Morgan so picked it

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