Friday, January 21, 2011

Before & After cedar chest and Valspar Paint give away!

Have you heard about Valspars Power in Color Giveaway.
100 a day for a 1000 days!
you get an 8 oz. sample,
mini roller and tray,
and a $5.00 coupon on your next Valspar Paint purchase at Lowe's!
go here to get yours:

Yahoo, I got mine!
The problem
3000 colors to choose from.

Oh so many beautiful colors, Heaven help me.

I chose,
Rising Tide,
a light silver blue.

The second problem,
should I paint this cedar chest my Dad had given me when I graduated. . . or leave it as is.
It had seen better days, through moves and kids.

He was kinda a mover and a shaker and an entrepreneur, so I did it, and He would be proud.


                                                                                     It is screaming - paint me!

                                                              Knob less ~ haven't found the perfect ones yet.
                               I pushed the drawer in to far, and without knobs, I am going to have to use a screw driver.

 I did not prime this piece.  I knew I was going to distress the heck out of it, and I want the dark wood to
show through!

 After I gave it 2 good coats of paint, I let the paint dry.  To give a more finished dirty look, I put miniwax special walnut on and wiped it off. 


                                                                   One More look

                                                                  Did I pick the right color,
I think So!

P.S. the sample size of Valspar paint, painted this, plus I have some left.

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