Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Before & After bed - Black Beauty!

Hope your having a nice day!
I am.
I am happy because I have a minute to paint.
just a minute
The sunshine was out yesterday and we all had a taste of spring here in Utah.
But today we have

I took advantage of the sun and with a lot of help from my helper
who I will introduce later,
we painted until we couldn't move.
I wanted to quit and he wouldn't let me

I want to jump and skip and holler when I am this happy about something,
like this to die for bed!

Can't you just see the potential. . .

ummmm - embellishments

Seriously, do you like it like I do. . .

Turned post- it is going to look good!



Isn't she pretty

Heavy solid wood and very few imperfections

I love the foot board

Look at the posts

Another picture

 And another look!  A bonus about this bed  - it is a twin or a full and it has frames

One more look! 

She is for sale - I have been selling my furniture at a couple of stores - and they mark them up 40%.
This bed would be marked $250.00!  If you want it email me and I will give it for the $250.00 minus the 40%.  You do the math and if you want it, it's yours! That was easy - SOLD!
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