Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crush and a drum lamp shade

Oh How I Love this lamp shade

I want 2 of them for my bedroom

                                                                             Shades of Light

Back in May, I reupholstered a chair, painted a frame, made a pillow and sold them all.  When you do a project like this, you always have leftovers - fabric, paint etc.  I have been trying to discipline myself to just get rid of the extras.  Otherwise, it piles high, and do you ever really use it. . . Kinda like, the leftovers in the fridge.  You think your going to eat them, and you end up throwing them away anyway.

I did NOT throw this extra fabric away.  Hallelujah!  I am working on a spare bedroom, and I found a quilt at TJ Max that I love.  I thought this fabric would look good with it.  So I covered a drum lampshade, and it was quick & easy.  I googled how to cover a drum lamp shade and followed this tutorial here:

                                                                   What did we do before google

The Quilt!

How about my new header. . .
I have a very talented daughter Erin who did this.
She says I have to make her something cute!

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