Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Felt Flower Tutorial and Flower Ball

I had bought red felt to make a felt flower Christmas tree.
I never got around to it, and thought I would save it for next year.
But with all the Christmas decorations down, my house is feeling very cold and empty.
I mean really cold and empty,
Blah, Blah Blah!
And hey, Valentines is just around the corner and red felt can still be used.
I decided to make a red felt flower ball.
I wasn't happy with the cost of a big Styrofoam ball, so I hit the local D.I.
I ran into a good friend, Marie.
She was buying a frame to make a winter wreath.
I hope I can talk her into sending me a picture so I can share it with you!
While visiting with her, the workers brought out a cart of new things,
and I spotted 2 of these balls.

I will attempt to share with you how I made a Felt Flower ball!

 Each Flower takes 5 circles 3- 4 inches in circumference.  These are the flower petals.

 Then you will need one, 1 to 2 in. red felt circle to glue the flower petals to.

To make the flower, you will fold each circle  in half,

Then in half again.

 Staple it at the bottom on both sides.

  This is just a few of the bazillion it took to make this flower ball.


You will then hot glue the stapled petals to the smaller circle.  I  put the hot glue on the circle, and then put the 4 petals on.

Put hot glue on the center of the 4 petals, and add the 5th petal in the center

It will look like this.  So Cute!

I had to show you the ball as I started to glue the flowers on!  It looked like a person with hair!  I was tempted to put eyes and a mouth on it and give her a name.  I didn't, I was anxious to finish it. 

                                                                                                    bad picture!

It took 46 flowers to cover this ball.  That means I cut 230 large circles and 46 small circles. I used over a yard of felt.

Awe, another fun project.  I love felt flowers and want to make one in White, and in Pink.  A yellow one for Easter too!  Don't you think this would be cute with a ribbon attached and hang it in a little girls room!  Or a wedding, at the book table.

Oh, and while at the D.I.  Marie encouraged me to buy a coffee table, and turn it into a bench.  She bought a coffee table too!  It's a sickness!

cost breakdown
ball                            .75
felt                           4.00
glue                           .50  - I already had glue.
candle stick -           2.00
Total                        7.25 

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