Saturday, January 29, 2011


At Christmas time, when all the girls in the family were together,
we went to Ikea.
We said, "Let's make it quick."
No such thing as a quick trip to Ikea!
I didn't buy a thing,
but I logged all the things I wanted away.
I am thinking this Frame might have to come home with me today!
Yes, another trip to Ikea!

They had plenty in stock

This is how they had it displayed.

Not to bad a price!  Check out one of my favorite blogs and what they did with this frame.

Gus and Lula

I Like I Like I Like!

Even though I didn't buy a thing, I ended up with this!  My daughter Erin bought 2 of them and ended up only needing one!  It was a Whopping $19.99!

I like I like I like

It looks really good with the quilt I bought from TJ Maxx! 

Want me to pick anything up for you while I am there, and save you the hours of shopping and tired feet. . .

P.S. I bought samples of paint at Lowe's and have squares of paint on my bathroom wall behind the my bathroom vanity.  I am going to look at them in the different light of the day! Thanks for all your suggestions!  So many talented ladies out there! WOW!

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