Friday, January 28, 2011

Help! A mirror, and P.S. I am a Fake!

18 year ago
we remodeled the house we live in.
I had this antique vanity,
and I wanted a sink put in it for a bathroom
No one, No one wanted to put a hole in it for me,
but under much duress, the plumber did it.
He thought I was ruining the dresser!
I have loved it!
It was in style
out of style
and back in style.

The plumber just left.
He unhooked it from the wall and took the toilet out, so we could paint the walls.

Do I paint the vanity. . .   I am undecided, scared, excited, and even if you give your opinion, I still won't know what to do!

Unattached and ready to go and I am sweating with indecision!

On a happier noted, I was at Lowe's getting brackets for a shelf and I had to browse the store.  I spend way to much time doing this.  So to save you the time, I will just show you what I found!  This mirror!

We are looking at redoing somethings in the kitchen, and I am gathering bids.  I love this glass tiles and oh my they are pricey, but beautiful! 

We also had a bid to redo our wood floors!  I profess to be an incurable DIYer.  But I am a Fake, A real DIYer, would unhook their own sinks and toilets, redo their own tile and floors!  Not me, because I am a Fake!

                                  ~Open to opinions on the vanity~

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