Thursday, February 3, 2011

Before & After Hutch & Dresser !

Someone likes to paint with me!  Jake, my son is a college student, graduating this semester and applying to Law school.  He has a summer job lined up and is in need of money now!  So on a whim he asked me if there was anything he could paint.  Silly question. We got to work and it was so much fun with him.  First of all, I haul this furniture around and it was great to have a young strong young man helping!  Second, he LIKED it!  He liked to see how terrible it looked BEFORE a coat of paint, and he liked to see how great it looked AFTER!  3rd, we sold the dresser quickly, and he liked the money!  Whew - I am happy for him it sold!

This is how happy he was!  Ha Ha Ha!  O.K. now to the good part - Before & After!

It was a really nice dresser, but it had some water damage and needed some repair.  So we sanded and sanded and used Elmer's wood filler to fill the other dings and damage. 
See the Hurley Sweatshirt - that is him.

The dresser part is much easier to paint than the Hutch. 

The dresser on its side, while we repaired the bottom!

We used a Black Behr Paint with Primer

Some distressing - it hides some of the imperfections!

We put Jacobean minwax to finish it off !

 Not the best picture, but it really turned out great!

The sold dresser that made a very happy boy!
He painted a bed since and called today to ask if I was painting without him!

He may not be able to help me much, he got a real job,
tutoring French at the college.

It was fun while it lasted!

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