Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Claw Foot Table! Before & After

My favorite special orders go like this,
I need a display for jeans for the store.

Do anything you want, any color you want,

I trust you!

Scary thing to tell a girl who LOVES color!

This claw foot table came to mind, and I could just see it decked out in Tangerine Orange and stained
with an almost black stain - Jacobean minwax. And yes we were so excited we started painting before we took a before picture!  Jake, my once in a while helper said, " Mom you need a picture."  A true DIYer!

Here is the lovely base - so solid and perfect for what we were going to do!

He is meticulous - I told  him I don't think we need to paint the underside of the table, but to finish nice, he said we did!

Look at this claw foot, so perfectly painted.  -  pretty pretty toes!       
 a little fluorescent.

Next we distressed it by using a piece of light grain sand paper wrapped around a sand block.

Then we brushed it off with a dry brush - good for the crevices

Then a cloth to remove the remaining dust

Some rags, one to wipe it on, a couple to wipe it off.  I recommend cheap gloves or your hands will look like mine - black!

Distress the edges and don't worry about doing it to much or to little - it all works out!

I stain a small section at a time.  Wipe it on generously, and wipe off quickly - it gets sticky fast.

The top is stained the and the bottom isn't - can you see the difference. .

When it is all done, you take a picture that makes it look miniature - whoops!

 The fluorescent tangerine orange is now a rich beautiful color!

another picture of the awesome, beautiful base.

I love the claw foot!

 The top, I am in Love - Thanks Laura for giving me your trust and letting me do something fun!

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