Thursday, February 10, 2011

Knobs & Thrifty Finds!

Lowe's has some great deals on knobs right now!
The sales girl  ~ who was so cute~
said that every Spring they clean house!

Worth checking out!

Here are a few I picked up!  The long middle one was 25 cents. The others were 40 cents to 75 cents!

Is there rehab for knob collecting. . .  Home Goods has some knobs to die for too!
I am going to have to paint for 100 years to use all the knobs I have bought!

I was babysitting my adorable Grandson Cash while his Mom was getting her hair cut.  He was asleep so I drove around for an hour.  When he woke up, I ventured into the Salvation Army.  Their frames and mirrors were 30% off there already cheap prices. A couple of brass frames ~ can't wait to spray paint!

An old heavy mirror with some great detail!  Another spray paint project!  Waiting for the warm weather!

Cash spit carrots on me while I was carrying around the store - I forgot what it was like to have a baby!  All you Mothers rock - how do you get anything done. . . .

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