Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Topiary and Spray paint

My daughter Erin had a Birthday and we went to her house to celebrate!
On her table was this Spring Topiary she had made, she copied the idea from

the Topiary!

This is what I started with - a pot that was almost thrown away!
at Christmas time, my daughter Paige and  her hubby bought amaryllis bulbs for their grandparents.
They came in these pots.
They put the amaryllis bulb in a glass jar with rocks.
So these pots were headed to the garbage.
I intercepted just in time, whew I am glad I did!

 Then I bought Styrofoam balls

 And gathered twigs

 Flowers from JoAnns

 Spray painted the pots

 Used Target sacks as filler

A little bit of this - whats it called - stuff.

 I cut the flowers off the stems, and glued them to the Styrofoam balls

 It took a lot of flowers - 4 bunches for one!  I thought it would do two topiarys

 Stuck the twigs into the ball and glued them tight.  Stuck them into the pot, glued some more & covered with grass!   I also gave the topiary a friend, the cute little bird.

It was given a new look too! I heart spray paint!

Ready for Spring
are you. . .

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