Sunday, April 10, 2011

Questions answered and a readers project!

I receive a lot of emails with questions about paint colors I use, technique, and other random things!
First of all, I Love the emails and questions, so don't hesitate to ask!
If I haven't answered you, ask again.
I have been cruising.

I have received a lot of inquires about this Old Iron Bed paint color.

                                                         It is a new paint by Rust -0leum, Eden.
It is hard to find because it is flying off the shelves.
I found it at Home Depot

I always finish a spray painted project with a polyurethane!
It protects it and makes it more durable.

Minwax Co Inc 33060000 Polyurethane Spray - Satin

I am also curious as to who is asking these questions, what they are working on.
So I asked a reader of this little ole blog and April replied:

Here is my last project. The roll top desk I grew up with since I was
                                                      a little girl. My dad about killed me when I painted over the oak. I
                                                      love how it turned out.
                                                      Krylon Bahama Sea with Ralph Lauren glaze.

                                                     This is a picture from Christmas time- hence the decor-

                                                     We re-vamped the living room as well with restoring the wood floors
                                                     and doing the board and batten or whatever you call it around the
                                                     room- so fun. Really ties the room together.


Thanks April, It's darling!
I love how she says her Dad about killed her when she painted over the oak!
Haven't we all had that response from someone!

Have a Good Day!

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