Friday, June 24, 2011

Very Large Chicken wire Frame!

I was lucky to find this very large picture at the D.I. for $12.00.
The picture was ugly, take my word for it!
 but the Frame was PERFECT!
So I primed the frame and then sprayed it,
and used my leftover chicken wire.


Peonies from outside, with my thrift store vase

I am not sure if it is going in my craft room to use as an idea board, or my kitchen to keep everything off my fridge - like the gazillion wedding invitations we recieve in the summer.  I do know my grand baby Cash is going to have a Birthday Party here, and we will use it to hang pictures of him.

The almost one Birthday Boy!
As much as I love this very Large Chicken Wire Frame,
I Love him a million times more!

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