Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rescued from the Garbage! Before and After full bed!

I went to the D.I. thrift Store  with my daughter Paige and her little boy Cash.
We went for fun and with no intention of buying anything.
So I didn't take my truck.
I found not one but 2 beds!

When I went back to pick up the beds, a dresser was being unloaded,
and it was to cute to pass up. Now I have 2 beds and a dresser.
Doesn't stop there because,
There was a full size headboard that matched the dresser,
and they were going to put it in the garbage because it was cracked.
I said
Whoa, don't throw it away, I will buy it!
Yup, they gave it to me!



 While I was working on the other two beds, this girl got a taste of turning something Drab to Fab!

And to think it almost ended up in the garbage.  Stinkin Cute, I say!

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