Sunday, August 21, 2011

Holy Bucket of rust! Before and after Twin hot pink iron bed

Holy Bucket of Rust!
I bought this bed for a song, but I wasn't singing for long.
It was rusted so bad, and it took a lot of love and elbow grease to make it look nice
I fell in Love with it and it is my baby!

It is metal and iron and so cool! 

The headboard

The foot board

the rails I wish all the new beds were made this way. You can see the rust.

For fun, a nightstand


during, I always turn things upside down. Ready for the AFTER!


The bed

The cool bed frame

Smooth and sleek after blood sweat and tears!

I love the lines of this nightstand

another angle, because it's so cute!

Both the bed and the nightstand were painted with
Krylon Watermelon pink and glazed with Valspar antiquing glaze - Asphaltum which is black.

one more, just because

and, of course a chicken wire memo board to match!

Taking applications for a good home!
If interested email me!

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