Saturday, September 24, 2011

Antique Red Bed : Before and After

This is in memory of a bed we once owned!
10 years ago before I knew anyone painted furniture,
and before blogs.
We had an antique bed we painted red!
It was for my daughter Paige and
she loved it.
It started with my oldest daughter Morgan, then it was Erins.
When it was theirs, it was in its original state,
We had it tied together with a rope to hold it together,
and more than once a friend would fall to the floor.
I finally figured out it could be fixed and painted.
Just maybe this was my first attempt at painting furniture!

I was so excited to paint it red, I almost forgot a before!

It has the greatest, most beautiful posts!

In all her glory!

I know my pictures don't do it justice, and I am working on getting a new camera!
When I was on a Mediterranean cruise, I was getting off the ship walking down the ramp, missed a step and went head first down the ramp.  My camera was around my neck and it hit first.  Me and the camera made a scene.
I made it through O.K with a few owies, my camera did not!

Oh, I Love it!

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