Monday, October 17, 2011

White Craft room shelf: Before and After

I took a minute away  from painting while I was getting ready for a
     Young Women in Excellence. program.

I love working with the Young Women Leaders and the girls as much as I like painting!
confession - I like it more than painting  - gasp! 

I do have a great before and after!
It may not be my greatest and best, but it is one of my favorites because
it is useful.
It is for my craft room, and it is helping me get organized,
and it is cute, but more important functional!

It is old, heavy and in GREAT shape.

Love the old knobs!

Lot's of space!

It had a laminate finish, so I used Zinsser Oil based primer.

The hardest part is always prepping the furniture.  Cleaning, fixing dings and dents.  The fun part is painting! Painting is the easy part!

Loved the knobs before - Love them more now! used Krylon Bauhaus gold spray paint.

Ready, set, go!

A place for fabric

A place for a collection of milk white vases!

Why, I had the spray paint out, I sprayed these thrift store finds, what would you call them?  I call them things, for lack of knowing the proper name.

These things are going to be used to hold a shelf!

Happy Monday!

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