Monday, February 27, 2012

Vintage Paper Flowers

Do you love pinterest as much as I do? 

I love vintage paper flowers, and I spyed these cute ones on pinterest. It took me to Sew Inspired, and there was a tutorial.  Yahoo!

So on one of my trips to the Thrift Store I bought an old Readers Digest Book.  I made the mistake of reading one of the stories, and it was so good, I read all 4 stories.  It delayed me a day taking the book apart for the old pages.

This book cost $1.00 and has 520 pages - That is A LOT of flowers.

My first attempt, not bad - could be better.

These flowers all were cut the same size but came out different. . .

I added some small clothespins bought at JoAnn's.


Are you pinning pinning pinning are making?

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