Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hello Hello Hello! Etsy Shop

I Love to see things get a second life, that's why I do what I do!  I Love modern and old, valuable and ordinary. I love to upscale, reuse and revamp!  I heart Thrift stores! I couldn't buy one more thing, honestly I couldn't.  But, I wanted to!  It all started when I would swing in to check out the furniture.  Then I made the mistake of browsing, and I shouldn't have.  When it was only 75 cents and  $1.00 why wouldn't I buy it?  I shouldn't buy it because, I don't need it, and what would I do with it, but I would think how cute it would be with some paint! I love paint too!

 So, I started an Etsy shop  Oops Redone Etsy Shop! I know, real original, but I couldn't think of cute name that wasn't already taken!

Oh My, Etsy is so easy - user friendly!  I started slow and am still learning, but I don't have to feel GUILTY about my love of old things, and giving them a new life!

BEFORE - Ugly 

AFTER  - Adorable2 White wall candle sconces

And for your viewing entertainment, here are a few more
Thrift store finds, revamped!

Have a Good Day!  I have Saturday errands and a visit to the Thrift Store, to find more ugly stuff!

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