Thursday, March 29, 2012

Moss Letter for Spring!

Loving SPRING!
My Mantel needed some updating. . . .
and Jay said , again?
Every season it needs a Face lift,
and I helped him understand, it was cheaper than me having one!
I went to Home Goods and the thrift store,
Then JoAnn's.

Can you tell what is from the Thrift Store?
The Lovely Vase, perfect color, perfect size and the price was right - $1.00!

I was visiting a friend, and she had a moss Letter.  It added so much to her shelf.  Since I was desperately trying to find something to finish this off , I knew this is what I wanted to do!

The Letter and the moss, were purchased at JoAnn's

The Spray adhesive was from Walmart. I had researched to find how to apply the messy moss, and this worked GREAT!  I sprayed the letter in sections (make sure you do this outside,) and then would add the moss.

A fairly simple project, that added the much needed touch!

Then I made a U for a darling Daughter who had a Birthday!

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